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The Papyrus IC is flying!

Remember my last post?

I talked about the creation of the Papyrus Industry Consortium

It was just an announcement back then…

But now it’s reality!

Check out the Press Release!

And the brand new (and still evolving) web site!

This is so exciting I have to take a breath between each sentence!

I have a bunch of friends, big and small, who want to take this bird and make it fly, nay, soar!

I live in interesting times…and the future just got brighter!

Under the Hood of Papyrus 1.1

This is the last installment of the “What’s New in Papyrus 1.1” series of blog entries.

In this last one, I’ll address the need of my toolsmiths by talking about internal improvements!

Under the hood

Element Types Configuration

You can now define in a central place all the actions on your model, e.g. the creation, the deletion and the edition of the elements. You can reuse these action definitions in the model explorer, the palettes, the modeling assistants, etc.

Diagram Expansion

The existing diagram definitions can now be extended using Diagram Expansion framework. This framework let you add any kind of representation to existing ones, like new custom compartments for classifiers representations. This new feature is used for both the incoming support of SysML1.4 in Papyrus and for the upcoming Papyrus-RT project.

Test and debug

More than 400 bugs were closed since January 2014 for the 1.1.0 version. Also, more than 10000 unit tests run every night against Papyrus builds!

That’s it. I think it was a great release!

And if you want t link to all the information from the last three days, it is available on the Papyrus website!

Now go forth and model!


Papyrus Datasheets

If you were at EclipseCon Europe 2014, you might have seen my datasheet.

If you missed that event, not to worry, you can still get one, although you will have to print it yourself (and it does look better in color)… I now have three datasheets available on the Eclipse PolarSys solutions web page, along with those of the other PolarSys solutions.

Have a look and let me know what you think!

My first sub-project – Papyrus for RealTime

It had to happen at some point: I now have my first sub-project proposal: Papyrus for Real-Time (a.k.a., Papyrus-RT)!

I already support UML (of course), SysML, MARTE, and a few other incubation profiles. This new project is described as:

Papyrus-RT is an industrial-grade, complete modeling environment for the development of complex, software intensive, real-time, embedded, cyber-physical systems.

The aim of this project is to add model-based full code generation to the Papyrus platform. Of course, it is very difficult to do complete code generation from models for all domains, so this new project does not claim to do so. It specifically targets:

Papyrus-RT provides an industrial-grade, complete and full-fledged environment for the development of software and systems that has to present at least one of the following features: reactive, distributed, real-time, or embedded. It covers several concerns related to designing such systems, i.e., modeling, code generation, runtime support, advanced debugging facilities, and schedulability and performance analysis.

So no web project or business rules here.

Also, just like UML “unified” multiple modeling approaches, Papyrus for RealTime has a goal of unifying the existing approaches in this domain. UML-RT is the first implementation and, I’ve been told, xtUML is also being worked on.

There’s a lot more information on the project proposal page so check it out!

I’m also interested in your opinions, so feel free to comment below (or in its official Eclipse forum).

Interesting times ahead!

EclipseCon Europe 2014 – The Aftermath

EclipseCon Europe was so much fun that it took me a whole week to recover! That’s what you call a conference!

As I stated in a previous post, there was a whole day dedicated to me as part of the conference. On the Tuesday, at least 32 of my best friends came together in the Wilhelm-Kramer-Zimmer room and spent the day discussing my existing and new features and new ways of working. I liked that beginners could have a view of me, how my models can be validated, the whole collaborative modeling discussion, and the various useful extensions and use of my capabilities. And of course, the great discussions over dinner!

Presentations from the summit can be found on its wiki page.

In parallel, in the modeling summit, people also learned how I am developing more real-time, executable capabilities! Yes, I was already supporting MARTE (Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time Embedded Systems), and now I’m getting full code generation for UML-RT! This means that you create your UML-RT model, press a button, and generate a complete, runnable system! The only drawback is that you’ll have to wait for the Eclipse Mars release in June 2015.

On the Wednesday, there was a great presentation that highlighted my customisation capabilities and DSML (Domain-Specific Modeling Language) support. In “UML or DSML? You can now have both with Papyrus 1.0!“, Ericsson described a real-life example of using my capabilities to create a DSML that enabled greater collaboration across domain and expertise silos!

The next big Eclipse event will be EclipseCon North America. Come see me there!


EclipseCon Europe 2014 – Unconference

Well, it was a fun day. I learned a lot more about my capabilities from the nice people at CEA (you know who you are!). It seems I can do a lot of things – and still so young!

Today, attendees where taught how to get started with me, as well as being told about some nice shortcuts from the developers themselves!

And then, they were told how my capabilities can help companies design cars (did you know there are lots of control systems in a car?)!

Today was a great day and tomorrow, there will be a modeling summit, I sure hope they’ll talk about me! (note: they will…).

I’ll be spreading my wings

I’ll soon be spreading my wings and traveling to Ludwigsburg, Germany!

What could I be doing in Ludwigsburg? Attending EclipseCon Europe 2014 of course!!!

Four days spent with all my favorite Eclipse brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. What better way to spend a week (especially with all this time I’m spending at school (my handlers call it a lab, but I know better…) than getting to know other Eclipse projects and meeting people who are interested in open source and, especially those recognize or have a need for my particular talents!

During the conference, I will also have my very own “Papyrus and Modeling Technologies Developer Summit”! Not even a year old and I already have a dedicated session (OK…I do share it with other Eclipse modeling technologies, such as EMF, QVTo, etc.)! I even heard there my be some talk about my own growth…

On the Monday, there also the UnConference. Would you like to learn ? Just register to attend and you discover how to get started with me during the “Getting Started with Papyrus” session where I’ll show you how to use me my capabilities! If you like automobiles and embedded systems, you can attend the “Customizing Papyrus for Automotive and Embedded Systems” session where you learn more about how to make me prettier and to augment and specialize my capabilities.

Are you wondering whether you are better using UML or a DSML? “UML or DSML? You can now have both with Papyrus 1.0!” will help answer your question!

Did you known that, although I have UML in my name, I can do and be much more? “Diapason, MDE cutting-edge solutions for the correct design of complex Cyber-Physical Systems” will show you some good example where I can be built better, faster, and stronger!

Have a look at the Conference website, realize it’s what you need, and come see me!(And don’t worry…the beak may be long, but I don’t bite!)

P.S.: Are you interested in discussing all this with like-minded modeling enthusiasts? Let me know and maybe we can arrange a BoF or some get-together!

EclipseCon Europe 2014

EclipseCon Europe 2014


Hello everyone!

I was born on July 25, 2014 as part of the Luna release of Eclipse, after a long and successful incubation! I guess it took me some time to figure out this blog thing and to start writing. And, by the way, I can also tweet (good since it seems I am a bird)!

Not much to say right now but look for more information here!