Papyrus Industry Consortium


The Eclipse Papyrus Industry Consortium (IC) was established as part of the Eclipse PolarSys working group to collaborate on the development of an advanced, industry-ready, open source, model-based engineering (MBE) tool suite, and open tool platform.

The industry consortium is driven by a community of users, software product and services suppliers, and researchers. It encompasses organisations ranging from those developing Enterprise Software to those developing in the domains of IoT (Internet of Things) and Cyber-Physical Systems.

The founding members have proposed an initial outline of the technical scope of the Papyrus IC, which encompasses the key aspects of modeling in practice.

  • System modeling
  • Software modeling
  • Architecture modeling
  • Functional modeling
  • Information/data modeling
  • Business process modeling
  • Requirements modeling

Papyrus technology uses the industry standards UML, SysML, and Domain Specific Modeling Languages (DSML), such as UML-RT and xtUML. In this way, Papyrus can be envisioned as a DSML workbench.

The expectation is that the Technical Scope will be continuously refined and developed by participant members.