The end of the Papyrus IC

With the end of the Eclipse PolarSys adventure comes that of the Papyrus IC.

In the end, we could not maintain the momentum to move forward.

We failed to grow our community, and in doing so, we failed our community.

But this is not the end of Papyrus! Not by a long shot!

Papyrus is more vibrant than ever.

New variants are still being build, e.g., Papyrus UMLLight, new released are still provided with continued improvements, and a new major release is in the plan for the project.

As well, many companies, research groups, schools, and individuals are still teaching with it, working with it, improving it.

A personal shout out to EclipseSource employees and Queens University’s faculty and students for their dedication to the Papyrus products and to Francis, our glorious leader for his perseverance.!

For the time being, this blog will remain a beacon of light for Papyrus . But here will be a time where it will have to close. Other endeavours await the author.

If anyone one want to help or take it over, please let me know