Papyrus UML Light users

In my previous post, I did mention that we had some users in mind that would benefit from using Papyrus UML Light.

I should have given you a hint as to who they are…

Nicole – a Papyrus Novice

Nicole is already knowledgeable in UML at or above the OMG’s OCUP2 Foundation or intermediate level contents.

As the project on which ze worked was completed, ze is being moved to a new team that uses Papyrus, a tool with which ze is not familiar.

Nicole’s goal in using Papyrus UML Light is to quickly get familiar with Papyrus UML Light and how it supports UML-based modeling. Ze appreciates and benefits from Papyrus UML Light’s streamlined editor with the most common concepts of UML, so that ze can focus on getting to know the Papyrus UML Light user interface and way of working without being exposed to the full spectrum of UML model elements.

Steve – a UML Novice and Student

Steve is new to the modeling world and has no familiarity with the UML.

Ze is starting to learn about UML and faces the dual tasks of learning to use UML at the same time as learning to use a UML modeling tool.

Using Papyrus UML Light, Steve will be exposed to fewer language and tool concepts at a time, wich results in a lowering of the learning curve.

In addition, the alignment of Papyrus UML Light to OCUP2 (Foundational) is beneficial, as it ensures that ze first deals with the most most important concepts of UML before tackling the more complex aspects.

Brisha – a Basic UML User

Brisha only uses UML from time to time and then only for basic purposes such as documentation, presentations, discussions, etc. Ze is not interested in a full model-based engineering tool or method and rather uses it to “sketch” using UML to ensure common understanding of the graphics. As such, ze only needs the basic concepts of UML. In this context, an easy to use UML modeling tool such as Papyrus UML Light, which provides a reduces user interface an ease of use is easiest to get and adopt.

So, what do you think of our typical users for Papyrus UML Light?