Papyrus-RT 0.9 is available!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Papyrus for Real Time v0.9 is now available for download!

And yes, there is a Beta associated with it…but my minions tell me it is still being setup. I’ve been told something will be announced about this next week, and if you are interested in participating, you can just let me know either in comments on this blog or through Twitter @PapyrusUML. I’ll then let my minions know!

Are you curious about this release? Then have a look at the Release Notes.


2 thoughts on “Papyrus-RT 0.9 is available!

  1. Hi 😉 really pleased that I’ll be able to play with PapyrusRT… I used to use Rational Rose Realtime Edition, was a real pleasure ( if complex and difficult learning curve ).

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, thanks


    1. Hi Cavan, please let us know what you think.
      You should know that IBM had follow-up product to Rose RealTime (RoseRT) that was named Rational Software Architect RealTime Edition (RSA-RTE). Papyrus-RT, being also based on Eclipse is closer to RSARTE than to RoseRT, although all three tools are implementing the UML-RT language. It is also a completely new code base.


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