Constructive Criticism

Well, my feathers are a bit ruffled.

It seems that Michael Jastram thinks I am not very good… (or perhaps it’s my German that’s not so good).

In his comment on that page, he compares me, with my youth and open source approach, to established “excellent, affordable commercial tools” (“hervorragende, erschwingliche kommerzielle Werkzeuge”).

I can’t deny that I am young and, in some ways, inexperienced. But I am growing and evolving! I also have many who believe in me! So although I might have been disapointing to Herr Jsatram in 2015, it looks like 2016 will be a much better year!

I do realize that there was limited space in the JaxCenter article, so I don’t begrudge the sparcity of Herr Jastram’s post.

I would like to invite him to look at my industry consortium and to engage with its members in a constructive discussion of his needs, wants, and desires for Papyrus. By doing this, by working with us, I am sure he will no longer be disappointed with me at the end of 2016!

Also , Herr Jastram , werden Sie es tun?


On May 13, there was a rebuttal from Michael Jastram and on May 17, one of my minions was interviewed by Jaxenter to explain my position.

All’s well that ends well!

7 thoughts on “Constructive Criticism

  1. Dear Papyrus,

    I did not want to hurt your feelings. Let me make clear that I consider Papyrus an amazing project. Open Source came a long way since the first version of Eclipse was published. If anything, my comment indicates the high expectations that we put on open source these days.

    Having said that, there were reasons for my comment (which only applied to 2015), and I will elaborate on those shortly. I certainly would not want to criticize without being constructive. More on this soon.


    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you so much for replying (and for thinking I am amazing). This gives us a chance to start a conversation that will only make me better!

      I’m well placed to be able to guess at some of the reasons behind your comment and I do realize it was only a soundbite so obviously terse, but I also believe we now have more direction and governance with the Papyrus Industry Consortium.

      I look forward to your further comments and suggestions so my minions know what they have to do to make me better. Feel free to contact my minions (like the one who’s typing for me) directly if you prefer!

      I’m a bird (an ibis to be precise), it’s difficult to hurt my feelings… 😉

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  2. In a new “UML-Plattform Eclipse Papyrus: Reif für die große Bühne?” post on Jaxenter (in German at, Dr. Jastram has kindly elaborated on his earlier statements that led to this blog post. That is where the conversation is now continuing so you should go read the article and my comment.

    Once again, thank you Dr. Jastram for continuing this conversation in a constructive way. Please be assured that your comments are greatly appreciated.

    I would like to invite anyone who would like to see Papyrus thrive to have a look at the Papyrus Industry Consortium and even join us!


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