What’s New in Papyrus 1.1

My version 1.1 was released last June as part of Eclipse’s Mars release. But what do I give you in that release?

This is the first of three blog  entries dedicated to that subject. In this entry, I will tell you what is new with me. Tomorrow, I will tell you how I am now better and improved. And the day after, I will tell you how I can help my toolsmiths make me even better!

So let’s start with…

What’s NEW

Diagram synchronization support

You can now activate synchronization on your diagram or on part of your diagram so that the graphical representation matches the semantic model.

What you see on the diagram is then always what you have in your model! Change the model, and the diagram changes to display the new information, or remove what was deleted.

See a sample video on this feature.

Modeling assistants dedicated to your language

Modeling assistants are popup shortcuts that help you create new elements in the diagram. You can now create in Papyrus a model of your diagram assistants for your own profile, and load them into your running Papyrus instance for a live test.


These are great for users to quickly create diagrams and models without having to constantly go back to the tool palette.

Hierarchical tables

You can now define and use hierarchical tables that let you see any custom structure corresponding to UML2 metamodel, or even your own structure


Great stuff, isn’t it?

More to come tomorrow, when I’ll tell you about my capabilities that are now better and improved!