I’ll be spreading my wings

I’ll soon be spreading my wings and traveling to Ludwigsburg, Germany!

What could I be doing in Ludwigsburg? Attending EclipseCon Europe 2014 of course!!!

Four days spent with all my favorite Eclipse brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. What better way to spend a week (especially with all this time I’m spending at school (my handlers call it a lab, but I know better…) than getting to know other Eclipse projects and meeting people who are interested in open source and, especially those recognize or have a need for my particular talents!

During the conference, I will also have my very own “Papyrus and Modeling Technologies Developer Summit”! Not even a year old and I already have a dedicated session (OK…I do share it with other Eclipse modeling technologies, such as EMF, QVTo, etc.)! I even heard there my be some talk about my own growth…

On the Monday, there also the UnConference. Would you like to learn ? Just register to attend and you discover how to get started with me during the “Getting Started with Papyrus” session where I’ll show you how to use me my capabilities! If you like automobiles and embedded systems, you can attend the “Customizing Papyrus for Automotive and Embedded Systems” session where you learn more about how to make me prettier and to augment and specialize my capabilities.

Are you wondering whether you are better using UML or a DSML? “UML or DSML? You can now have both with Papyrus 1.0!” will help answer your question!

Did you known that, although I have UML in my name, I can do and be much more? “Diapason, MDE cutting-edge solutions for the correct design of complex Cyber-Physical Systems” will show you some good example where I can be built better, faster, and stronger!

Have a look at the Conference website, realize it’s what you need, and come see me!(And don’t worry…the beak may be long, but I don’t bite!)

P.S.: Are you interested in discussing all this with like-minded modeling enthusiasts? Let me know and maybe we can arrange a BoF or some get-together!

EclipseCon Europe 2014

EclipseCon Europe 2014